Our concept, our dream...

Amber and I moved to Spain over 10 years ago when the promising career of a Professional cyclist was offered to me here in Girona, Spain. Starting as a Stagiaire, I was able to work my way to the top tier of the peloton, riding in races I only dreamed of as a child. The Tour de France, World Championships, The Classics in Europe to the National Championships in Canada…I was riding it all. Time was passing and while travelling to races or with my wife Amber (during our off season travels), my passion for coffee started to develop. I would use every opportunity to find the best coffee, landing in a new city was an instant quest to test the best. I brought an espresso machine and a small roaster and the passion grew.

Meanwhile, my wife Amber was getting a bit sir crazy. Although she loved to support me, I was away A LOT (186 days out of the year, a lot) and I could tell she wanted to start something where she could be around people, work a normal day and pour herself into something she was passionate about. When I arrived home after the Tour de France, we asked ourselves what the next step in our lives would be. I had completed all of the races I'd ever wanted to do and my knowledge and passion for coffee was growing stronger and stronger. Amber and I had met in a cafe so the next step was clear for us to see... 'Let's open a cafe in Girona!' 

La Fabrica was the beginning of us making our dreams a reality. It has grown from a true passion for what we do and we welcome each customer as a new friend. You'll often find myself and Amber in La Fabrica working behind the counter, taking your order at the till or enjoying a quick (delicious) lunch. 

My passion for coffee and her non stop love of people, as well as our dedication to give our customers the best will bring you to La Fabrica for the first time and continue to hook you back - it's many a cyclist and local's second home!

Welcome to our dream, we hope you can take a moment, have a coffee and feel the love.

- Christian Meier


La Fabrica Girona
La Fabrica Girona

Hear what others have to say about us...

"A naturally sunny person who now acknowledges each customer's order with a chirpy "perfecto," Mr. Meier may be the shop's brooding auteur, but Ms. Meier is its leading lady... - The Globe and Mail

"The café is full of light and love, with every detail clearly carefully attended to by the owners. Greenery injects life. Exposed copper, concrete floors and an abundance of different varieties of wood along with the high ceilings, brick walls and cobbled stone entryway makes the open room feel large and inviting yet still intimate and cosy."- CyclingTips

"Pros hang out there, as do passing tourists and local families. The coffee is amazing, and it’s just got the right vibe. The Meier’s love for each other and what they do, be it coffee, socialising, cycling or food, is only too clear." - Vulpine

"It’s not often you are lovingly served a latte by a Tour de France cyclist. But then, to be honest it’s not often in Spain that you are lovingly served a latte. Coffees here tend to be uncomplicated, cheap, fast and unadorned by pretty pictures of coffee beans and butterflies. La Fábrica Girona is veering from the norm." - Family Adventure Project

"We were visiting Japan and noticed that all the soups and teas were served in cups without handles. I discovered that what you were drinking, as you held it in both hands, became a part of you. Almost a ritual." - Headset Press